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PCD & PCD Wire Drawing Blanks
PCD and PCD Wire Drawing Blanks have advantages in high hardness, good abrasive resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient with nonferrous metal, good anti-cohesive property, erosion resistance and chemical durability. These are widely used in mechanical processing and especially important in ultraprecision machining
Diamond Needle File
Diamond Needle File can be used for opening up a huge array of holes in hardened surfaces, 600 grit being the most common for most applications. This file has a smooth edge on one side so they don't mark the metal when you are filing in tight spaces.
Industrial Synthetic Diamond Powder
Industrial Synthetic Diamond Powder is used for manufacturing suspensions, grinding and development tools, cutting disks, etc. This grade is ideal for light applications and medium strength impacts. This powder can be widely used in cutting, grinding, drilling and so on. This is very effective and economical both.
Diamond Grinding Wheel
Diamond Grinding Wheel is used for grinding extremely hard materials such as carbide cutting tips, gemstones or concrete. This wheel is a fairly new product among grinding wheels as it was first manufactured only after the discovery of synthetic materials. This wheel has nickel and copper coating which ensures that they last longer.
Tungsten Carbide Pellets
Tungsten Carbide Pallets are designed to sustain high and repeated stress. Tungsten carbide makes the use of cold-forming technology possible for mass production of high-volume parts like screws, bolts, and rivets. Clients can avail heading pellet at highly competitive rates. Tungsten carbide pellets fitting is extremely hard.